Under quarantine
Toxic is any substance, artificial or natural, that possesses toxicity, in order to produce a harmful effect on living beings in contact with it.

The new euro banknote series called 'Europa', which came into force on May 2, 2013 with the new designed of 5 euros, eventually will supplant all the euro banknotes we know. For this very reason, symbolically, the banknotes with an expiration date written are deserving this modification.

I use all the euro notes as cash and I lost them in the current becoming of paper money. I introduce them in small shops and big stores generating a toxic trail behind me. Although there is no reference to the author in the banknotes, a person who finds one of these banknotes can get to know that it is part of this project because I added all the serial numbers of the banknotes in EuroBillTracker, an international volunteer non-profit project dedicated to tracking euro notes around the world:

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In some aspects, this project behaves the same way a virus does, because most of the people carry the message without even noticing it.

Hundreds of banknotes are already part of a discreet and constantly updated itinerant exhibition within the Eurozone for, at this moment, more than four years with an unknown half-life.

Slowly and gradually all the banknotes involved will be isolated by banks and destroyed or isolated by art collectors and preserved. Time to time.

A little birdie is going to tell where you can find my next marked banknote:

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