250 x {6,5 x 12,35 cm} | 2014

Symbology and security measures of the banknote

1. U-turn
2. Value of the banknote; optical illusion
3. Embossed
4. Signature of author
5. Watermark
6. Impossible cube; optical illusion
7. Iridescent ink
8. EURion constellation
9. Currency type

Anverso billete

1. Euro logotype
2. Rubin vase; optical illusion
3. EURion constellation
4. Author and date
5. Printer code
6. Space for edition number
7. Map of Europe
8. Watermark
9. Penrose stairs; optical illusion
10. Value of the banknote; optical illusion
11. Currency type

Reverso billete


Project in sales phase

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