Artistic Production Residence

I have never traveled outside of Europe, not even on holiday; and, despite focusing almost all of my work in the Eurozone, I think it is the right time to get away from Europe for a while and with the ease that my mother tongue offers me to expand the perception and reception of my work. The issues I cover do not lie in exclusively European problems.

Since the end of January I live in Mexico City to give another twist to the project U-Turn. For this purpose I have a 6-month Artistic Production Residence at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda", thanks to which I was able to make an academic exchange agreement at the INBA School of Crafts (National Institute of Fine Arts) .

The possibility of using the lithography, serigraphy and gravure workshops within both schools offers me an exceptional opportunity to do a quality work in which to make the most of the graphic possibilities of each technique.

The interrelation of these two institutions is of vital importance to understand the complexity of my project and the way in which it is being executed.